Life & Transitions Coaching

Sometimes, a coach or guide is needed rather than a therapist. This is something that you will decide for yourself and that may also be addressed as part of your initial appointment to engage in services with Mind Path Wellness.

There are transitions such as marital commitment, divorce, new parenthood, transitioning to various stages of parenting, returning to school, making major life changes or moves, and significant losses that inspire us to seek support and someone to listen. Mind Path Wellness offers life transitions coaching that is less formal than therapy and flexible with distinct plans for working through decision-making or other aspects of transitions. Inquire at the contact page about your specific needs.

A life coach is not a therapist, and life coaching is often sought when we desire to make changes and grow in new and exciting ways in our lives. We may be unsure about how we even go about making major changes or increasing movement in different areas of our lives. Life coaching sessions, like life transitions sessions, are less formal and more flexible than traditional counseling. The approach is focused more on the positives and the future with help for action steps and making progress in areas of your choice. Inquire at the contact page about your specific needs.