Creativity in Counseling


SoulCollage® is a process that complements the Internal Family Systems approach to counseling. In IFS and SoulCollage, you explore parts of yourself (your "internal family"). SoulCollage brings a creative and visual element to the IFS process as you may use cards I've created or create collages of your own to represent aspects of your identity. A visual component often enhances the therapeutic process as it brings to life the parts that create struggle and/or that suffer within you.

Clients often become fond of this process outside of therapy and explore SoulCollage themselves to incorporate it into self-care and self-knowing. For a brief introduction, click here.

For more information from the founder of SoulCollage, click here or for another facilitator's site full of resources, click here.

Sand Tray

Sand tray is an approach to working with parts of identity using objects to represent our parts ("internal family"). Like with SoulCollage®, sand tray work brings creativity and a visual element to the work of therapy. This can help you organize thoughts and beliefs about parts of your identity. Sand tray originated in Carl Jung's personal work that has been adapted to a modern practice.

Often, the sand tray is a "back door" to the psyche with information being realized outside the session as you are encouraged to take photographs of your tray from a variety of angles to refer to after the session.

Mind Path Wellness offers also blank wooden figures that can be marked with watercolor pencils/crayons or markers to identify parts.