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  • You feel sad or disconnected and lack energy or motivation.

  • Sleep may be a struggle, then you wake up anxious, already feeling panic.

  • You feel overwhelmed with sorrow whether due to loss of loved ones (people or pets) or other unwelcome major life changes.

  • You feel stuck, not sure about what needs to change, or how to change it. The only fully functioning part of you is your inner critic. The only things you are sure about are that you want to feel better than how you feel right now and that something needs to change.

  • Reaching out for help is difficult and scary. You feel uncertain about what therapy can do because:

you've never tried it before, and you don't know how it will work; or

you've tried it and you're unsure how it can help because prior experiences did not meet your expectations.

Know there is always hope! You're on this site, so you've taken a first step - Congratulations! You're not alone and we can start where you are right now and together work toward where you want to be.